Product Overview - Meet The Pack

I-GUIDES® Blue is a cloud based BLE platform for asset tracking throughout a local or global supply chain network. Using the I-GUIDES® Blue pack of hardware and software solutions, organizations can quickly improve accuracy of current asset locations, increase accountability of key assets throughout their lifecycle, and use reporting and alerting tools to increase productivity and efficiency of operations. The I-GUIDES® Blue pack includes:

Shepherd® Tags

Shepherd® Tags are high-reliability, rugged, field-proven Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor tags. Shepherd® Tags are made in USA!


The Retriever® is a small, secure BLE reader that ulitizes computer algorithms to filter and collect Shepherd® Tag events.


The Pointer® sends a precisely controlled low frequency signal that the Shepherd® Tag detects as soon as it crosses the Pointer® threshold.

I-GUIDES® Blue App

I-GUIDES® Blue App is an Android app which contains proprietary algorithms that collect, compare, filter and process Shepherd® Tag events.