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CodeSource Compact CO2

With the CodeSource Compact CO2 laser, engraving, cutting and marking has evolved from a difficult process to an easy task. The entry into laser technology has never been this easy.

Easy to Operate

Whether you want to engrave, cut or mark, the Compact CO2 is easy to use, precise, fast and realiable. The Compact CO2 is ideal for a professional engraver, a hobbyist or a first time laser user, regardless of the application. Compact CO2 makes your life easier right from the start!

Easy to Install

The Compact CO2 comes completely calibrated and ready to use. This means you simply unpack it, follow the installation instructions and start having fun!

Easy to Use

The Compact CO2 software is all about ease of use. This user friendly package allows you to make a fast transition from job layout to final product. The software functions are logical and intuitive. Just plug in the Compact CO2 and you are on your way.

Easy to Maintain

The Compact CO2 was designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The optics and worktable can be removed for cleaning and reinstalled without the need for tools.

Easy to Generate Business

With the Compact CO2 you can immediately enter the world of laser processing and at a very reasonable price. There are an almost endless number of applications. The only limit is your imagination.

With laser technology you can multiply your possibilities. With one machine you can process a wide variety of materials, offer new solutions to your customers and expand your business!

2 Inch Focusing Lens: The Compact CO2 comes equipped with a 2.0" focusing lens. This means that the ideal standoff from the lens to the material is 2.0" (5.08 cm). This is the best for general purpose laser processing, including engraving, cutting and marking.

Auto focus: Working in conjunction with the focusing lens, this "auto focus" function automatically positions the engraving table and part to be processes, to the proper standoff position.

Laser pointer: The actual lasing beam is invisible, so the Compact CO2 comes equipped with a visible "red dot" pointer for easy and quick positional alignment. This feature actually allows you to "dry run" the marking before you impact the part.

Electronic Z-axis engraving table: You can manually adjust the table location via buttons on the control pad. This can be used with the auto-focus function for fine adjustment for specific applications.

Quick change engraving table: The engraving table can be easily removed by pressing two pins.

CodeSource Compact CO2