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Laser Markers and Barcode Scanners
CodeSource LLC provides innovative solutions and products for part identification, product traceability, asset tracking, and inventory control.  We specialize in labeling technologies and direct part marking for a wide variety of applications and industries.  We can provide product/part traceability through your entire manufacturing or distribution process.  Our extensive line of laser marking systems, barcode scanners and imagers, label printers, interface software, severe duty tags, tape products, and labels combine to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

Laser Marking Systems Bar Code Scanners, Imagers, and Verifiers Laser Engraved Tags and Labels DoD RFID and UID Solutions        
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Laser Marking Systems Barcode Scanners, Imagers, and Verifiers Aluminum Tags and UID Labels Active RFID DoD RFID and UID Solutions        
Outsource Marking and System Training and Installation Services

Laser Marking and Product Tracking Solutions for Any Industry

  Providing the best possible service to our customers is CodeSource’s highest priority! If you don’t have the time or resources to mark your products in-house, CodeSource provides an outsource marking service that will do it for you. We can mark directly on your parts, or on the new generation of laser-engraveable, adhesive tapes and anodized aluminum tags. In addition, our engineers are standing by to offer consultation, training and installation, and systems integration services.

  No matter the industry, the abitity to trace a product from manufacture through its normal life cycle in the field is an extremely valuable tool. The products and services offered by CodeSource have been used to mark, identify, and track parts and products in both the private and public sectors, through a wide spectrum of fields. For a detailed description of how we at CodeSource have brought our experience to bear in specific industries, click the links below!

Contract Marking and Outsource Laser Marking    Contract Marking
Consultation for IUID and Data Matrix Applications    IT Asset Management
Training and Installation for Product Identification Systems    UID Registry Services
Part Marking and Tracking for the Aviation industry   Aerospace/Aviation 1D and 2D Barcode's for Product Identification For Government and GSA Applications Government/GSA Unique Part Identification for Solar, Wind, and Other Green Industries Renewable Energy
Tesa Secure 6973 Laser Engravable Tape and Aluminum Tags for the Automotive Industry   Automotive Flatbed and Direct Part Marking Laser Systems For UDI and the Medical Industry Medical/UDI ACI Foilstar Tape Feed Systems for Fraud Prevention and the Security Industry Security/Fraud Prev.
1D Barcodes and 2D Data Matrix Codes for the Energy Industry   Energy ACI Foilstar Tape Feed Systems for IUID and the Military Military/UID Flatbed and Direct Part Marking Laser Systems for the Transportation industry Transportation
Barcode Scanners and Imagers for General Industry   General Industry        

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